Web System Development

Consulting and development for a variety of Cloud Computing-based web applications.

Consulting and application development for a wide variety of Cloud Computing-based information management systems, as well as solutions to accelerate business optimization, are offered through Ideal Systems' web systems development services.

Cloud Computing = Independence from your PC via a unified information management system.

It is a fact that even in today's world of system development, there exists not only a necessity to develop around the limitations of your PCs, but also many systems throughout the world that are completely unusable in different operating systems. But since Cloud Computing works over the web, we now have systems that give you freedom from your PC via applications that are usable at anytime, and from anywhere regardless of your PC model or type, just as long as you have access to the internet.


There is no longer any need to build another system in-house. Through the use of applications operating in the cloud you can begin use immediately after introduction. Through the application of Clouding Computing, putting various troublesome tasks in order internally, realizing additional savings, and improving efficiency will all become possible.


With no need to set up expensive servers on your own, integration can be done very cheaply.

Leaving expensive servers up to a data center and securing individual server space by paying a low-cost usage fee results in capital investment being limited to a small sum, a big plus for small to medium size enterprises or individual entrepreneurs.


Google services = Groundbreaking expansion speed (Functionality enhancement)

One of the services offered by Google, continued involvement with firms for large scale and wide-reaching development, can seen as a distinguishing trait for the company. Further development of systems and application is expected in the future.


Optional customization to facilitate in-house management

Corresponding to the above, we offer the possibility to customize legacy applications in order to add original functionality. As we are able expand functionality in accordance with the way information held in the legacy application is made use of, developing a system suitable for a variety of business needs. For Ideal Systems web systems development, it has become our trademark to not just customize original functionality, but to also collaborate with our design team in order to develop an application with a focus on superior design that is both pleasing to look at and a pleasure to use.


We progress in accordance with a wide variety of customer needs. Please call on us for all your customization needs related to adding functionality or design components.
And of course, from a proposal for a solution to issues regarding improving or adding features to a system you're already using, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Development Request

After a detailed review on the contents of the request is conducted, a written plan and quote will be submitted. The system environment necessary for introduction will also be confirmed.

Application Plan

A blueprint for the application will be drawn up on the basis of what is discussed in meetings.

Application Development

Actual writing of the program will be done. Completed programs will be given stand-alone tests separately.

Testing / Revisions

Various tests and revisions of completed programs will be conducted.

Delivery / Inspection

The finished product will be delivered at the designated date, time and location. Recommendations will also be made on any necessary maintenance or the development of additional functionality.

Case Studies

Prep School Lesson Management System (Web Application)


This is a management system that can be shared by internal administrative staff for classroom assignments, individual class schedules, each individual's status and more. This system can make speedier business transactions and the optimization of business tasks a reality. And with that, it will be possible to spend more time on personal exchanges with clients and achieve streamlined prep school management. By reducing internal administration to a minimum and implementing simple usage operations, it becomes possible to cut both material and personnel expenses through the utilization of this system.

E-Learning Materials (Web Application)


This e-learning application allows both instructors and students around-the-clock shared access to important coursework. As a remedial learning tool, the system exhibits strong performance thanks to its key ability to allow users to download and study effectively to the extent necessary to meet goals. On top of its capabilities for printing and distribution on-demand, it also allows for downloading of data for learning materials, and the ability to wow an audience by connecting directly to the system and displaying materials via a projector, making it a useful tool for producing more effective lectures.

We also provide services for the following types of requests

  • Integrating a management system that links with office software such as Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Introducing a system that can total sales in real-time.
  • Incorporating a database that can centrally manage clients and improve the efficiency of bulk email campaigns.
  • Developing a system with some way to make it possible to share information in real-time even with far away places.
  • Create a system with the ability to manage data over the web so that it can be used across any type of computer environment.