Lecturer Dispatch Service

Supplying expert lecturers and instructors in a wide variety of fields, with services available even on holidays.

Providing access to lecturers and instructors with an abundance of experience in their respective fields, such as those engaging in the operation of medical department prep schools. In order to offer lessons tailored to client needs, a representative from our company will conduct a thorough discussion and submit a proposal for instructors as well as course contents.


University Lecturers

Providing dispatch services for University-level lecturers in any subject. Also offered are original courses tailored to meet the needs of attending students.


Remedial School Lecturers

Providing services for dispatch-style lecturers for university-level remedial education, to serve as a backup for universities.


English Conversation Instructors

Presenting services to English conversation schools through the dispatch of native instructors.


Business soft Instructors

Dispatching instructors for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.


Design soft Instructors

Dispatching instructors for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.


Japanese Instructors

Dispatching instructors for speaking, penmanship with either ball-point or calligraphy pen, etc.


Qualified Instructors in Assorted Fields

Providing a variety of specialized instructors such as government workers, interior coordinators, Microsoft specialists and more.


In order to facilitate production in accordance with client needs, the first step is to conduct an in-depth meeting. At that point in time we will tender a proposal that includes a complete course of action, a work schedule and so on.

Work Request

After inquiring on the contents of the request, an appropriate candidate for the job will be proposed.

Lecturer Training

Preparation and training to set-up the course as outlined in the request will be conducted.

Course Set-Up Plan

Planning of specific course details will be carried out on the basis of in-depth discussions.

Contents Proposal and Decision

The final course plan will be submitted for approval. After a decision is reached, the production of PR materials for the establishment of the course will be undertaken as needed.

Course Establishment

After set-up is complete, feedback on course contents will be collected regularly. Further improvements aimed at producing even better courses will also be suggested.

Sample Estimates

Dispatch Service Type

Number of Hours


University Lecturer

Small Class / Per Hour

from ¥5,000

English Conversation Lecturer

Small Class / Per Hour

from ¥7,000

General Instructor

Small Class / Per Hour

from ¥5,000

Class fees differ depending on contents, class size, etc. We will do our best to create a proposal that meets your budget.
Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

We also provide services for the following types of requests.

  • Scheduling original courses and proposing lecturers and course details.
  • Dispatching expert lecturers from off-campus and putting them under the command of the University.
  • Providing language training for those scheduled for overseas assignment.
  • Carrying out training to improve new employees' software usage skills.
  • Creating only the classes you need, the way you want them.