Audio Recording Services

Through a wide-range of narration services and experienced editing, we are able to meet any customer request.

Through the abilities of our highly experienced narrators and directors, we proudly provide narration work of the highest quality. And with our bundled in-house services, beginning with recording and ending with editing, we can ensure a smooth delivery of materials with no waste whatsoever.


Narration of Educational Materials

Narration services for e-learning, cram school or prep school study materials, employee training materials, operation manuals, and so on.


Broadcast Announcements

Offering services for sales-related or business information narration for use in public announcement systems, in-store announcements, and in-vehicle announcements.


Promotional Video

Narration services for company or school informational videos, sales promotion videos or presentation materials.


Automated Answering System Narration

Offering narration services for automated answering systems to be used for call centers, voice mail operators, and more.


Mass Media

Narration services for television or radio shows, commercials, etc.


Voiceover Narration in 5 Lang.

Offering voiceover recording with standard pronunciation and no accent by native speakers of English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.


Original Music Production

Offering production of original music in the format of your choosing, including MDI, WAV, AIFF, MP3 and more. The option of inserting sound effects is also available.


Image/Music editing

Editing, inserting background music, and even the collection and editing of data is possible. In addition, removing extraneous noise in old audio in order to correct and improve its sound quality is also offered.



Offering the conversion of accumulated important past data from its current state, to an archive that is usable at all times.


Restoration of VHS and Tapes

Services for the restoration of broken tapes and conversion into digital (DVD/CD) are offered. Format conversion is also available at the time of restoration.


In order to facilitate production in accordance with client needs, the first step is to conduct an in-depth meeting. At that point in time we will tender a proposal that includes a complete course of action, a work schedule and so on.

Work Request

A cost estimate based on the contents of the request will be submitted, and the date of delivery will be disclosed.

Recording / Editing / Packaging

After a thorough review of documents related to the job, recording and editing of the request will be conducted, and the finished product will either be written in the designated media format or uploaded to a server.

Final Review

A final review of the finished product will be carried out by Ideal Systems.

Delivery / Verification

The final product will be delivered in the designated manner, at which point it is requested that the customer confirm its quality.

Sample Estimates


Number of Characters


Japanese Voiceover

Up to 50 characters

from ¥1,500

Up to 200 characters

from ¥2,500

Up to 500 characters

from ¥4,500

Up to 1000 characters

from ¥7,500

Native Speaker Voiceover

Up to 500 characters

from ¥7,500

Up to 1000 characters

from ¥12,500

The above quotes are merely estimates. Prices differ depending on contents.
Background music and/or sound effects can also be inserted as desired. (Additional fees will apply)
Languages included in Native Speaker Narration are English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Voiceover Demos

We employ a wide variety of male and female narrators of all ages to meet all your extensive voiceover needs.
※Click below to play each demo.