Teaching Materials Production / Data Entry and Translation

Offering the best solution to meet client needs.

We offer support for the production of teaching materials in order to aid our clients' business development. Making use of the education-related resources that we have accumulated through our firm's management of prep schools specializing in the most rigorous medical schools, they are harnessed in large part to elevate the product appeal of our educational industry clients, for the streamlining of business operations, and so on.
We employ a large staff excelling in both arts and sciences and highly proficient at e-learning software production, in order to satisfy all types of requests, ranging from complicated and advanced jobs to those that just need to be done quickly and at a low price.


Production of Learning Materials Aimed at Education Institutions.

Making use of our abundant educational industry-related experience to fulfill all your various needs and deliver high quality goods at bargain prices.


E-Learning Materials

Converting materials originally created as textbooks to be usable for studying via the computer.


Voiceover Narration in 5 Lang.

Offering voiceover recording with standard pronunciation and no accent by native speakers of English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.


Textbook Materials

Assisting with tailor-made textbook production. By working closely with designers, even the production of diagram-laden textbooks is possible.


Data entry and Translation Services for Production of Educational Materials

Data entry and translation services that can enable low cost, high speed operations. Our data entry services cover everything from business documents to technical books, to even trade journals. As for translation, interlingual services in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese are available.


In order to facilitate production in accordance with client needs, the first step is to conduct an in-depth meeting. At that point in time we will tender a proposal that includes a complete course of action, a work schedule and so on.

Development Request

After conducting a detailed hearing on the contents of the request, production volume and the date of delivery will be decided.

Planning of Materials

Based on the previous meeting, a mock-up of the materials will be proposed, and production on the initial prototype will begin.

Prototype Production

Completed prototype based on initial mock-up will be submitted for confirmation.

Production of Actual Materials

Prompt completion of the materials at first-rate quality will be aimed for. Upon completion materials will be submitted for confirmation following a thorough in-house review. Revisions will be made as necessary until full satisfaction is achieved.

Delivery / Meeting on Improvement

Goods will be delivered at the previously decided date, time and place. In addition, improvements will be proposed as necessary.

Sample Estimates


Product Details


Simple Flash Materials

Conversion from PPT to Flash; Per page

from ¥5,000

Normal Flash Materials

Complete conversion from PPT to Flash; Per page

from ¥10,000

Eng. to Jpn. Translation

Per 400 Japanese characters

from ¥750

Jpn. to Eng. Translation

Per 200 English characters

from ¥1,250

The above quotes are merely estimates. Prices differ depending on contents.
We will do our best to create an ideal proposal based on your budget and desires.
Additional fees may be added depending on the language, field, and degree of difficulty of the request.

Flash Work Sample

Coming soon.