Design Production

Whether it's producing your entire project, or just certain components, we do our best to meet your needs.

We gladly accept all work related to the creation of PR materials for either print or the web.
We offer solutions tailor-made to meet your needs by professional designers, including our own in-house staff.


Catalogs / Pamphlets

Offering a total line of services at customer request, from the production of base materials to full-scale projects, for corporate or product informational materials and more.


Advertisements / Leaflets

Aiming to create works that will have the maximum appeal to customers, all while doing so at a low cost while maintaining superior quality.


Book Production and Publishing

Accommodating for the planning, production and publishing of books, magazines and advertisements not just for educational use, but also for all other fields as well.


Web Materials

Producing any type of material for use in your site design, be it banners, headlines, images, flash or otherwise.


Stock Diagram Production

Providing services that include vector conversion of maps and illustrations and the production of numerical data graphs and graph data materials for either print or the web.


Image / Music editing

Editing, inserting background music, and even the collection and editing of data is possible. In addition, removing extraneous noise in old audio in order to correct and improve its sound quality is also offered.


Production of Video for the Web

Producing video in the format of your choosing, including FLV, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and more. Video conversation between formats is also available.


Production of Original Music

Offering production of original music in the format of your choosing, including MDI, WAV, AIFF, MP3 and more. The option of inserting sound effects is also available.


HTML Email Template Production

Generating eye-popping HTML-based e-mail templates. Integration with a Customer Relationship Management database is also possible.



Offering the conversion of accumulated important past data from its current state, to an archive that is usable at all times.


In order to best serve your needs, we will first conduct a thorough meeting. At that point in time we will tender a proposal that includes a complete course of action, a work schedule and so on.

Draft / Materials Preparation

Any text format, MS Word or otherwise, is acceptable. Images will be checked immediately after draft materials are received in order to confirm whether or not they are suitable for print.

In the event that the text is handwritten and/or images need additional processing, a separate charge will be added.
In the event that no draft or materials are provided, a review will be held regarding any separate charges.

Base Design Proposal

An assortment of patterns from a number of designers will be proposed. Once the course of action is decided, the various components will be produced accordingly.


The initial proof will be completed by the proofreading date. Meanwhile, further meetings will be held as necessary, and additional data will also be accepted.


Following a thorough in-house review, materials will be presented for client approval. Revisions will be made as many times as necessary in order to ensure satisfaction.

Printing / Publishing

After all revisions are completed, work will begin on printing. Finally, at the designated date, time and location, the completed product will be delivered.

Sample Estimates


Service Details


Logo creation

Multiple designs

from ¥25,000

Business card design


from ¥2,500

Pamphlets / Catalogs


from ¥7,500


Single-sided; A4 Size

from ¥15,000

Direct Mail


from ¥7,500

Web Page

Home Page

from ¥10,000

Supplemental Pages

from ¥2,500

Web Components

Link Button

from ¥1,000

The above quotes are merely estimates. We will make an optimal proposal based on your budget.
Quotes for initial proposals are provided absolutely free of charge for first time customers.
Printing fee not included.