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Design Production

From proposal to production, we work in accordance with your desires; whether it's for the production of pamphlets, leaflets, or web materials, or design for either print or the web.

Web Development

Making use of cloud computing, we carry out the planning and development of a wide variety of web applications, with the ability to customize features to suit your individual business needs.

Educational Materials/
Typing, Translation

Providing the best solutions for production of educational texts and e-learning materials, as well as a variety of typing and translation services available in 5 languages.

Voiceover Narration

From textbook narration to recording for use in broadcast or mass media, we provide audio recording services to meet all of your extensive needs. English and other foreign languages are also supported.

Instructor Dispatch

For anything from individual courses for schools to corporate-aimed training seminars, we can provide you with highly-experienced instructors. Services are available even on weekends and holidays.

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